Aaron, an east coast native, is a freelance designer in San Francisco, lured by sunny skies, tepid weather and the design center of the world that is Silicon Valley. His ticket across the country was admission to the MFA Design program at California College of the Arts, a program rich in design theory, progressive thinking and professional practice.  During this time, Aaron’s design process and values were manifested and tested. To him, good design is harmonious between users, materials and the environment. The best design often goes unnoticed, seamless with everyday life.
Prior to CCA, Aaron was an apprentice carpenter and fabricator at Cabezon Design and Build in Brooklyn, NY where he learned numerous skills on the fly while remodeling ultra-high-end apartments. His experience the shop allows him to build quickly and effectively while exhibiting great finesse and attention to detail.
After interning at Stanford’s Center for Design Research and studying self-driving cars, Aaron is primed to talk your ear off about AVs, smart cities, urban mobility, the problems they raise and the major roadblocks yet to confront the industry. Having been immersed in the Silicon Valley culture for nearly four years, he firmly believes emerging technology should conform to meet our needs rather than the other way around.